Friday, February 06, 2009

Let's go play Lego

listening to fang datong's 'Xiao Xiao Chong'...
I love Lego.

I grew up playing Lego. My first set was one that came with a white brick house, red roof and bay windows, as well as a garden and a car. My sister got the set with the petrol kiosk, a tow-truck and some other funny garage (I was 6, she was 3. Of course she got the crappy one).

Sometimes, my Lego couple would visit her gas station to fill up the tank. Barbie stayed over couple of times too. Except she was kinda too big to fit and had to sleep on the roof of the Lego house or petrol station.

Saw this yesterday. This guy's creativity is astounding. Christoph Niemann illustrates for The New York Times and some other publications. I'm totally in awe. If you don't understand anything below, that's coz you're not using your imagination...

I have an old metro card in my wallet at home:

Ooh... I like this. Esp the wasabi:

This is funny too:

Not bad, not bad. Quite cleverly done:

On the same note, a good friend of mine has just done illustration for this book. Please show some support for charity. So proud of you, XW!


randallwee said...

What do you mean by 'show support for charity'?

Princess of Smiles said...

This guy brought me back my old lego memories where I used to "build" crazy things and only I know what it is... hahahaha

Yiklam said...

crap i actually understand most of it. esp that "worst bldg in nyc", i agree

Randall Wee said...

No wonder this toy-maker can withstand the pressure of the electronic games-wii,ps3