Monday, February 11, 2008

No Ratty Year

Happy Year of the Mouse!!!

Not year of rat coz I think rats are gross.
Yucky yucky pooey pooey things.

I'm sorry Rat Mama, if you happened to come across this blog.
No offence to you, but I don't fancy your kids too much.

1) When I was seven, my uncle caught a HUGE hairy rat in a cage.
They left it in a pail of water to drown it, but Fat Rat wasn't afraid at all.
He paddled leisurely while the adults chatted beside the bucket.
Kinda like a pet.
Except it's obese, ugly, and disgusting.

2) The neighbour's cat killed a rat and left the bloody corpse on our back porch.
It scared the daylights outta Mum in the morning.
After Mum related the story to us, it freaked me out.
I could have been the one who discovered the dead mess.

3) There are rats in my office building.
Pass me a cat to catch the rats.
But cats can be up to no good too (refer to story 2 above).
So pass me a dog to chase away the cat.


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