Sunday, May 03, 2009

Service with a smile (fake one also can)

In the end, I couldn't make it for the AWARE EGM :(

Had to rely on friends and colleagues who were at the event to update me, e.g. long queue which formed at Suntec, the infamous 'SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN' statement, K ('black dress and pearls') who was escorted out for persistently asking about the misuse of funds etc.

Wish I was there to watch the action. Instead I was stuck at the clinic, calling out patients' names. BTW, I am not cut out for the service industry. I will die from 内伤.

Scenario 1
Over the phone
Patient: 现在会很多人吗?
Kay: 现在还好. 等一下我就不知道了. 你要就现在来.

Two hours later, patient arrives.
Patient: (accusatory tone) 那么多人! 你刚才还讲还好?
Kay: 刚才真的是还好. 现在已经是一个小时后了. (under my breath) TMD. 你以为老娘会算命啊?

Scenario 2
Patient writes name. I inform her that she probably has to wait for 45 minutes.

Two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?
Kay: Er, no. There are twenty something people in front of you.

Another two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?
Kay: Er, no. There are still twenty something people in front of you.

Yet another two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?
This repeats for another twenty something times. 

Scenario 3
Patient: (impatiently) How come the people inside got so many questions? *mutter mutter grumble grumble*
And when it's their turn, they themselves have 1048297 questions to ask.

Scenario 4
Crazy children playing. Screaming. Wailing. Running amok. Parents looking on indifferently, throwing loving glances occassionally at their children, as if to say wow-my-child-is-so-energetic-and-lively


Yiklam said...

eh? new job? or additional job?

shine said...

hahaha, babe that's hilarious!!! i'm impressed that u actually didn't tell that patient to f*** off after the third time of asking when's his turn..

kay said...

yilan: i wish! helping out my parents at an adhoc basis... FOR FREE!!! haha...

shine: my sister usually puts on a stern face and says 'not yet' quite curtly. maybe that's why they don't really dare to bug her. i shall don a mask and growl at them next time.