Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cyndi vs Kay

listening to gwen stefani's 'Hollaback Girl'...

I love Gwen Stefani! She's stick-thin, but damn cool!
Unlike Cyndi Wang, who's also another reed thin person, but looks scarily anorexic.
Will be interviewing her tomorrow morning. Heard she's not an easy subject.

Gee... what shall I do?
Well, I can always sit on her.
To be nice, I'll scrap her off the ground after I'm done.

**Kay starts her crazy fantasy**

me: So, what's it about you that attracts guys? I mean, you're no raving beauty...

her: What?! How dare you! I'm going to set my thousands of adoring fans on you. You are so going to get into deep shit! My manager will send.... (rattles on)

me: (totally bored) Oh, shut it. (sits on the 3osomething kg singer)


I'm probably gonna get a million hate mails for what I just said.


~justin~ said...

haa!! yea, she's nottttt ttttt prettttty lar. but well, perhaps b4 u crush her, can take a few nice pics or tt i can give my little cousins...they like her so much. then after u crush her, take more pics...i'll keep those! haa! =P

jen said...

She is not pretty.
She is a little girl.
She looks like TOUFU.
And I don't like her.

~justin~ said...

is tt suppose to be a hate poem?

jen said...

Yes. Just like something below..

Justin thinks he is the king.
Justin thinks he can fling.
But no girls want to be his fling,
so Justin keeps thinking...

WOW. @@ (HAHA)