Thursday, April 28, 2005

The interview

Cyndi & Leon Posted by Hello

listening to lee hom(my luv!!!)'s 'Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge'...

My left eye was throbbing like crazy.
Fortunately it didn't pop out during the segment.
Woohoo! Interview with Leon Jay Williams and Cyndi Wang went on well.
She didn't snap my head off, and I didn't have to sit on her.
Possibly in a good mood. Happy for her.

LJW is now our favourite artiste, TY, YY and I are all swooning over him.
The Importance of being Earnest. Yep, he knows it.
n addition, he's hunky and totally drool-worthy :)
We are like some strange besotted morons.

I think he was happy chatting to us because finally, he could talk to fellow countrymen.
Talked about the expensive COE in Singapore, his new car, our new Prime Minister(???)... Strangest topics I've ever discussed with an artiste.
He's nice.
I fancy nice men over nice-looking men.


~e~ said...

erm... pardon my ignorance, but who's he? cutie leh!

kay said...

he's called leon jay williams. local model who makes it big in taiwan, acting in those idol dramas...