Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Animal snobbery

listening to kelly chen's 'Dui Ni Tai Zai Hu'...
While running last evening, I saw a bunny eat a mango.

Initially I thought it was a stray cat. As I ran closer, I was astonished to realise it was a rabbit. It probably belonged to someone coz it had a collar around its neck. The sight amused me and I squatted by the roadside to watch it.

'Hello Bunny,' I said politely.

The rabbit stopped. It looked at me, then twitched its nose before continuing to nibble on the fruit.
Dammit! Dismissed within a millisecond. I was less interesting than a mango!

It was ridiculously hilarious to be snubbed by a ball of fur.
Anyone game for diced mango with rabbit stew?

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